Navigating the ‘Station Island’ Collection



followed by:

  • Main Sources;
  • the Structure of Station Island;
  • biographical ‘events’ between 1976-1984;
  • the collection and its moment;
  • Heaney’s ‘book of changes’; ‘hampering stuff’;
  • Catholic beginnings; loss of faith; breaking loose;
  • the political dimension; ‘Troubles’ timeline;
  • poetry and politics: retaining a neutral voice;
  • reconciling the clash between politics and poetry; the redemptive power of Art;
  • Irishness;



  • finding the blend; the poet’s compositional skills;
  • the poem as a ‘music pleasing to the ear’;
  • using assonance: ‘coloured sound’ is an attempt to highlight recurrent sounds in the poems using phonetic symbols and colour shades; ‘same colour, same sound’;
  • standard English vowel sounds and their phonetic symbols;
  • using alliteration;
  • standard English consonant sounds and their phonetic symbols;
  • Forms and Rhymes; the poems in collection-order;
  • Subjects and Settings: the poems in collection-order;
  • a more comprehensive timeline of the ‘Troubles’;
  • Stylistic devices: labels and definitions;

One thought on “Navigating the ‘Station Island’ Collection

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this resource – invaluable in every way as I read through the Station Island collection and listen in in Audible…

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