Navigating the ‘North’ Collection


  • Introduction
  • Biographical ‘events’ between 1968-1975
  • Themes and issues
  • Enrichment
  • Dedications
  • Lexical focus
  • Comments contemporary to Publication
  • Comments from main source authors (as below)
  • Heaney’s further insights
  • The structure of North

The North Poems  individual commentaries with footnotes and reflections on style and structure


  • A historical timeline plotting the countdown to the ‘Troubles’
  • The ‘bog  poems’ and ‘political correctness’
  • Finding the blend; the  poet’s compositional skills
  • The poem as a ‘music pleasing to the ear’
  • Using assonance: ‘coloured sound’ is an attempt to highlight recurrent sounds in a poem using phonetic symbols and colour shades; ‘same colour, same sound’
  • Standard English sounds and their phonetic symbols
  • Using alliteration
  • Forms and Rhymes; summary – the poems in collection-order
  • Subjects and Settings: summary – the poems in collection-order.
  • Stylistic devices: labels and definition

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