Death of a Painter

In his obituary for the painter, Nancy Wynne Jones, in the Guardian of Wednesday 29 November 2006 Seamus Heaney demonstrated his respect and affection for the deceased artist referring to her paintings as earthy and moist, with rich warm, subtle ochres and reds, “place and palette and spirit all equal”. In his poem Heaney describes what could be seen through the picture-frame the Wynne-Jones’ studio window: not a big sky tent of blue, rather a peek of gold/… A Wicklow cornfield in the gable window as observed from the painter’s favoured coign of vantage. With whom and what may Heaney compare her nature and appearance? Not, to his mind, with a visual artist, not Cézanne, for all his views, say, of the iconic Ste Victoire hill of Provence; rather […]