[ai] sky [ɪ] bridge [ʌ/ ʊ] lugs [ɒ] from [i:] green [əʊ] stones [e/ eə:] step

[ɑ:] sparkle [ei] May [u:] shoes [ʊə/ u] looked [au] down [æ] caps

[ɔː/ ɔɪ ] wall


When I looked down from the bridge
Trout were flipping the sky

Into smithereens, the stones

Of the wall warmed me.

Wading green stems, lugs of leaf
That untangle and bruise

(Their tiny gushers of juice)

My toecaps sparkle now

Over the soft fontanel

Of lreland. I should wear

Hide shoes, the hair next my skin,
For walking this ground:

Wasn't there a spa-well,

Its coping grassy, pendent?
And then the spring issuing

Right across the tarmac.

I'm out to find that village,
Its low sills fragrant

With ladysmock and celandine,
Marshlights in the summer dark.