[ai] find [ɪ] his [ʌ/ ʊ] up [ɒ] rock [i:] he [əʊ] stone [e/ eə:] nests

[ei] name [æ] and [ɔː/ ɔɪ ] all


For Barrie Cooke

He robbed the stones' nests, uncradled
As he orphaned and betrothed rock
rock: his unaccustomed hand

Went chambering upon hillock

And bogland. Clamping, balancing,
That whole day spent in the Burren,
He did not find and add to them

But piled up small cairn after cairn

And dressed some stones with his own mark.
Which he tells of with almost fear;

And of strange affiliation

To what was touched and handled there,

Unexpected hives and castlings
Pennanted now, claimed by no hand:

Rush and ladysrnock , heather-bells
Blowing in each aftermath of wind.