[ai] ye* [ɪ] in* [ʌ/ ʊ] foot* [ɒ] on* [i:] she* [əʊ] glowed* [e/ eə:] when*

[ɑ:] sharp* [ei] shape* [ɜː] word* [ʊə/ u/ u:] moon* [au] outhouse* [æ] lamp*

[ɔː/ ɔɪ ] floor*


He was discovered in the henhouse
Where she had con
fined him. He was
incapable of saying anything.

When the lamp glowed,
A yolk of light

In their back window,
child in the outhouse
Put his eye to a chink

Little henhouse boy,
Sharp-faced as new moon
membered, your photo still
like a rodent

On the floor of my mind,

Little moon man,

Kennelled and faithful

At the foot of the yard,

Your frail shape, luminous,
Weightless is stirring the dust,

The cobwebs, old droppings
Under the roosts

And dry smells from scraps
She put through your trapdoor
Morning and evening.

After those footsteps silence;
Vigils, solitudes, fasts

Unchristened tears,

A puzzled love of the light.
But now you speak at last

With a remote mime

Of something beyond patience,
Your gaping wordless proof
Of lunar distances

Travelled beyond love.