[ɪ] rigs [ʌ/ ʊ] cult * [ɒ] soft [i:] trees [əʊ] mould [e/ eə:] end

[ɑ:] mark [ei] blades [ʊə/ u/ u:] to [au] down [æ] back [ɔː/ ɔɪ ] broad


Riverback, the long rigs

Ending in broad docken

And a canopied pad

Down to the ford.

The garden mould

Bruised easily, the shower

Gathering in your heelmark

Was the black O

In Broagh,

Its low tattoo

Among the windy boortrees

And rhubarb-blades

Ended almost

Suddenly, like that last

Gh the strangers found

Difficult to manage